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Telco Malaysia seperti Maxis dan Celcom Untung Billion-Billion RM tapi kita yang

15 Oktober 2018*

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jasmine1126 Publish time 21-2-2019 11:15 AM

I was switch from Unifi to Maxis home fiber last year about April due cheaper bill and better speed! but i was making wrong decision. the line not stable and i called to complain since Jul 18, the line has getting better until Nov i request to upgrade to 100GB through online form. but no one call me and follow up with me..until Dec i found the line are ridiculous not stable, i called to complain and asking the status of the upgrade request, they told me someone will call me to follow up on the upgrade and technical ppl will call on my line issue...but i was waiting waiting after few week i called again, they told me the line has already upgraded and they suspect is router issue not support the 100GB. and they said will arrange their technical come home to change it. 1st schedule on sat 9am, my bro in law took half day leave to wait them, end up received call on 9++am said Tyre punchat cant make it ontime, but not when will settle, off course my bil need to work so cant wait it, so ask the technical guy to reschedule with me. after that no one call me until i call to maxis again to complain. then the schedule again and again, 2nd time and 3rd even more worst, set the schedule but no one come and call to inform cant make it. and i complain to FB, they know only apologize and asking my acc details to follow up for me, but no update after i gave my acc, what is they doing actually? before cny sat said want to come also no come and i write the comment at fb again, then they call and schedule will come on cny sat, but no one appear and call. i was super frustrated, comment again at Maxis, end up they are super funny ask their technical ppl to call me said wan to come "Now" (same day after i comment again at FB), Maxis, do you think i standby for you at home 24 hrs to wait your ppl come? so i complain to the technical ppl, he said will inform his boss.....until today no one call and follow up with me and i called just now, they asking again what happen and said no open case for my account, what is the ridiculous service, i doubt they so big company and telco do they had customer service dept???what their customer service doing?????just sit there and pick up call but no need to follow up????and now i force to pay the bill due to my home fiber line has combine with my postpone, if i didt pay the home fiber bill my postpone will also block....OMG super frustrated!!!!!!! now when i watch a 30min drama i need to wait for loading and loading....pls do twice and 3ple consider if you all still thinking to switch to MAXIS!
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