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Amanda Nelson (Meredith Baxter) and her best friend, Joan Bixler (Swoosie Kurtz), are happy suburbanites until a lurid affair involving both their families upsets their domestic ease. Dana (Clare Carey), Joan's daughter, begins sleeping with Rob (John Terry), Amanda's husband, and the revelation of this romance dredges up long-buried jealousies and grudges. Joan and Amanda have always turned to each other for emotional support, but this particular problem threatens to destroy their bond.

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When Paulette Gil (Gail O'Grady), a local high-school teacher, tries to help one of her troublεd male students (Andrew Kavovit), he takes her gεsturεs the wrong way...

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A Boston family decides to move to the country and begin a new life after their young son, Sam, is threatened by bullies. When the Docherty family reaches their new home, things aren't much better...Stars:Jeff Fahey, Matt McCoy, Chris Evans, Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Duff

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The Haunted is a 1991 American made-for-television haunted house film directed by Robert Mandel and starring Sally Kirkland, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. The film depicts the events surrounding the Smurl haunting.

The Smurl family move into their new home on Chase Street only to find that it is plagued with three spirits and a demon. The demon wants to destroy their family, and they are desperate for help until they find the Warrens.

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A young farmer finds himself terrorized and stalked by a local beauty queen.

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Based on a true story. An exchange student in Italy is accused of brutally murdering her roommate. Is she a remorseless killer, or an innocent pawn in a poltical game? Until today, doubt still lingers on who the actual murderer was. Starring Hayden Panettiere, Marcia Gay Harden, and Vincent Riotta.

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Starring Alexa Pena Vega, Beau Mirchoff, and Renee Olstead. Students at a prestigious university flee the scene of a classmate's accidental death, only to be consumed by guilt and paranoia when a witness steps forward.

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Starring John Corbett and Sara Canning. A detective who discovers similarities in cases up and down California's I-5 corridor grows determined to prove that the seemingly unrelated murders are the work of one man. Based on a true story.

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This World Premiere film is based on the life of drug lord Griselda Blanco, a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine trade. At the age of 17, Griselda made her way to the U.S. with a fake passport and her 1st husband. Living in Queens with her three sons, Griselda became enticed by the money the drug world offered, and quickly became embroiled with local drug runners.

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On a mission to expose the deplorable conditions and mistreatment of patients at the notorious Women’s Lunatic Asylum, investigative reporter Nellie Bly (Ricci) feigns mental illness in order to be institutionalized to report from the inside. The movie delivers an intense and fictionalized account of actual events surrounding Nellie’s stay beginning after Nellie has undergone treatment, leaving her with no recollection of how she came to the asylum or her real identity. Nellie’s unwillingness to submit to authority results in unspeakable torture at the hands of the head nurse, Matron Grady (Light). When Nellie captures the attention of Dr. Josiah (Bowman) who tries to help her, Grady’s barbaric tactics only intensify, leading Nellie to questions if she actually does belong in the asylum after all.

A real-life hero, Nellie Bly’s expose was the first of its kind in America and inspired the global reformation of mental health care.

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Real-life husband and wife Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays play a couple whose life is torn apart by the disappearance of their new-born son. When a bloodstained baby’s blanket is found in the back of the wife’s car, the accusations of murder begin.Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays, Neve Campbell, Kim Coates

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A true story of a woman fighting to leave a problematic relationship.Starring: Hillary Swank Jaclyn Smith, Brad Johnson, David Lascher, Carolyn McCormick, Andrew Lawrence, Lisa Robin Kelly

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Red Pill is a 2021 horror film about a group of progressives canvassing for votes in the suburban South ahead of the 2020 US election.

Written directed, produced by and starring Tonya Pinkins (Fear The Walking Dead).

On the eve of the 2020 US Presidential election, a posse of ​six ​progressives ride into red country armed with heart, humour, and naiveté, but what they really need is heavy artillery.​

When they arrive at their rental for the weekend, they find dozens of red flags… but only the non-white members of the group are experienced enough to recognize the danger.

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A Friend to Die For (also known as Death of a Cheerleader in the UK and during subsequent Lifetime television airings) is a 1994 American psychological thriller television film directed by William A. Graham. Written by Dan Bronson, the film is based on the real-life murder of Kirsten Costas, who was killed by her classmate, Bernadette Protti, in 1984. The film was the highest-rated TV movie of 1994

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The reality is, jobs in game development are places where many come - but few may enter. There simply aren't enough positions to fill in any one role for everyone who applies at the door.         Nft games

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Nominated for two Golden Globes and three Primetime Emmys, "Human Trafficking" is a heart-stopping miniseries about sex trafficking. A team of ICE agents, led by rookie Kate Morozov (Mira Sorvino, "Mighty Aphrodite") and boss Bill Meehan (Donald Sutherland, "The Hunger Games"), plans to quash a ring of traffickers who use violence to profit from the exploitation of underage girls.
Donald Sutherland, Mira Sorvino, Robert Carlyle

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This movie was first aired in 1989. It's a strong drama which deals with one cause of homelessness. It focuses on a families spiralling situation as a result of homelessness and all the problems it brings including prejudices. Jeff Daniels and Christine Lahti put in a great performance to highlight the odds stacked against them and their kids. Homelessness has been growing and the root causes remain largely untackled.
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