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Quick Method to Split OLM Files With Data Safety

Many OLM Splitter tools are available on the internet. But, due to data security and complicated user interface, they are not much effective for the new users. We will suggest the Cigati OLM SPlitter that can split multiple OLM files at a time with data safety. It has a simple user interface. It is easy to use and works on the latest technology that helps to secure and error-free solutions.

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Split OLM Files By Size Manually
Firstly, we need to create a new Mac Outlook profile. For this, navigate to Applications & open the right-click menu, choose the option Show Package Contents.
Within the Contents folder, go to Shared Support and click on the Outlook Profile Manager.
Tap on Create a New Profile.
As the new Outlook profile is created, import the oversized OLM file into it & then export it into contacts, emails, calendar, etc.
Thus, each of the OLM data items such as contacts, emails, calendar, etc. will have its own OLM file.
A manual approach to splitting large OLM files by size is not available. Using the manual method, OLM files can only be broken up into individual OLM files. This would be valuable for separating information such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from an oversized file. Specifically, a large OLM file cannot be divided into multiple smaller files using the manual method. Thus, the tool can only separate each data item in the oversized OLM file.

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I recommend you to use the Aryson OLM splitter Tool. It splits the large OLM file into multiple files. The tool saves a lot of time by splitting the files in bulk with no data loss. It also protects the new OLM file by creating a new password. It has many advanced features that allow you to split the file according to Date, size, sender, and folder. The demo version allows splitting 50 emails for free.

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To archive your data, including email messages, calendar items, contacts, notes, and tasks, Office for Mac creates OLM files. if you want to split an OLM file into several pieces while maintaining data security. The Cigati OLM Splitter utility, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, fnf is then recommended. The safest and most dependable tool for splitting OLM files is this one.

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The manual method to split OLM files only allows to break OLM data items such as emails, contacts calendar, etc. into separate OLM files from an oversized OLM file. To be more precise, the manual method does not allow a large-sized OLM file divided into multiple small files. It is only capable to break each OLM data item individually out of the oversized OLM file.

Below-mentioned is the procedure to break the OLM file manually,
• First, you need to create a new profile in Mac Outlook. For that, go to Applications>>right-click on Outlook and select Show Package Contents
• Under Contents folder>> select Shared Support>> Outlook Profile Manager>>create a new profile
1. Once the profile is created, import the large-sized OLM file to it and export it into emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
2. By this, a separate OLM file is created for each OLM data item i.e., emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

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