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Review - GoPro How to become network Marketing Professional

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Hi All...

As usual, whenever i read a great bookI akan today I would like to share some inputs that I think is good and maybe suitable to those in networking. Just to add on those who dont know what is network marketing...or underestimate networking marketing ...just fyiif its in US, Korea or Japan is amongts those top notch tau !if u all now Warren Buffett, he say buying the networking company is one of the best investment that he ever did. So why not..something good might come to u, u never know!

Ihope my sharing will inspire and benefit to those yg berminat. Likewise i will cut it simple and olah in my on way. So keep masuk here !!!

Eric Worre ni not a writer and not the best networking sales man pun, banyak kali dia try engaged the writer to write down his story tapi semua doesnt seemed right so he decide to write on his own, his way and yang i suka he wrote it from his heart and his own journey.

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Eric Worre ni a property agent and so far he is doing fine, until he got married expectations and bills pun semakin bertambah and he start to feel the pressure. One day tu his dad and his friend asked him lets go to this gathering and see the opportunities that may have there...memula Eric hesitate but bila dia dengar his dad say lets go John we are excited looking at those people and eager to know what theyre bila dia dengar his dad cakap mcm tu dia pun terpikir jap...his taxes bills are far than on time to pay other than getting broke and have no idea what to do and how to earn more so he was thinking maybe just go along and see if anything no harm to just go and see, so he changed his mind and ikutla depa tu...and themost thing crossed his mind is...he wont let John and his dad make a huge money and he end up broke. So thats where its all started. He changed his mind set and asked his dad if he would loan him some money to become Network Marketing Distributor,Well walla!! kalau dia tak ubah sikit mind set dia that day maybe dia akan end up as the same Eric. Instead Networking changed his life completely since then.

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lagi reserved :C

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