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Restore Trash on Mac

Emptying the trash on your Mac only to find out something was deleted that shouldn’t have been can seem like a devastating event. However, the files residing in trash may be restored if right actions are taken immediately. When trash is deleted on a Macintosh, the operating system only removes the location of those files from the address table. The data still resides on the hard drive and sits idly waiting to be overwritten.

If you quickly take the necessary steps to retrieve removed trash, these items are easily recoverable. Stellar Macintosh Data Retrieval may be used to locate specified or all deleted files on the hard drive. This utility scans the volume where the files reside and is able to restore the entire volume, selected folders, certain file types, or individual files. The faster you act, the more likely the files will still be retrievable. Simply complete the following basic steps with the Mac data recovery HQ restore Trash on Mac software:

[*]Select the volume to be scanned.
[*]Choose a method for retrieval.
[*]Complete the scan.
[*]Locate and select the trash items to be restored.
[*]Recover the files.

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To recover emptied Trash on Mac, you need a third-party data recovery application capable of scanning the raw data on your storage device and allowing you to recover individual files.
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