DumbassS Publish time 8-2-2023 02:59 AM


You guys, you know smart TV is a very popular thing right now and I want somebody to help me develop an app for it.

Mila33 Publish time 8-2-2023 05:01 AM

All I want to tell you is that the app you smart or now is being developed by several teams of developers. If you can find reliable developers for you, they will not be able to solve this problem for you very quickly. But in general from myself I would recommend that you now go to this site https://perfsol.tech/smart-tv-app-development I think that is where you will be able to find for yourself those very good developers who can develop for you such a thing as an application for smart tv. This is exactly the option that you need right now

aboubcom Publish time 8-2-2023 09:41 PM

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