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2023 Best Smell Proof Containers to Keep Herbs Fresh

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Deodorant bags are convenient, waterproof, and durable cases or bags for storing food, medicine, and perfume. Our list of the best odor-resistant bags includes several pocket-friendly options made with activated carbon technology to keep them 100% odor-free. Plus, they come with combination locks to keep your belongings or possessions safe and secure, and out of the reach of children and pets.

Scroll down for our list of the best unscented bags in different shapes and sizes. The post also includes a buying guide to help you find the right odor-resistant bag for your home.

What are smell-proof bags?

Smell-proof bags are specialized bags designed to prevent any smell emitted by the contents of the bag from getting out. These bags are made with a variety of materials, including activated carbon fiber and airtight zippers, to prevent odors from escaping. They are commonly used to store and transport tobacco, and other odorous items, allowing for odorless and discreet handling.

Airtight seals, smell-absorbing materials, and discreet designs are some of the key features of smell proof bags. The airtight seals prevent any air from entering or leaving the bag, effectively trapping any odors inside. Odor-absorbing materials, such as activated carbon fiber, absorb and neutralize odors, making the bag smell proof. The bags’ discreet designs, which frequently feature solid colors or simple patterns, allow them to be carried in public without drawing unwanted attention.

Smell proof bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from small pouches that fit in a pocket to larger bags that can hold multiple items. They also come in a variety of materials, such as nylon, canvas, and silicone, each with its own set of advantages. Nylon bags are popular for outdoor activities and travel because they are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Canvas bags are more durable and have a more traditional appearance, whereas silicone bags are non-toxic, flexible, and easy to clean.

Aside from being odor-proof, smell proof bags also protect against light, moisture, and other environmental factors that can compromise the quality and potency of stored substances. They prevent the breakdown of THC and other active compounds by blocking light, preserving the potency and freshness of the contents. They prevent mold and mildew from forming by blocking moisture, and by blocking other environmental factors, they protect the contents from damage.

ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Combo Container


This ECO Farm container is perfect for capturing odors to avoid unnecessary attention in public places, and to be cautious in your home, work or travel. These high-quality lockable deodorant bags have been tested and approved by dogs. This deodorant bag ensures that your valuables are safe and protected. In addition, these hidden odor stash bags can prevent unnecessary occurrence of children or pets touching your goods. This odor-resistant bag protects against heat, cold, and everything in between. More importantly, the outer shell is waterproof, which can safely protect your technology and herbs inside. These deodorant bags are designed with heavy-duty structural materials that can stand the test of time and can be used every day for several years in the future. In addition, this storage box has a modular design that can help you organize your storage the way you like-perfect for your grinding cards, rolls, lighters, bags, pipes, etc.

Abscent Odor Absorbing Container Bag


The Bag by Abscent Minded is an inhaling travel size bag. Abscent’s toiletry bag is just the right size for all your small essentials. The carbon in this bag has a 2 year lifespan before it starts to smell. Double lined premium activated carbon lining, new antimicrobial lining for carbon protection, H2O-guard zipper for 100% protection, water resistant exterior and roomy main compartment.

Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag


The Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag is a compact 7 inch by 6 inch bag that holds all of your favorite goods with complete smell proof protection. A discreet and stylish bag, designed with you in mind. Each bag has a double velcro seal and smell proof carbon lining that traps and eliminates all scents and smells. With a tough and durable exterior, the Herb Guard bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting your coffee, teas, dried foods, herbs and spices.

How to choose the most suitable deodorant bag for you?

The following suggestions may be useful when choosing the best odor proof bags to store herbs, medicines, spices, and cigars.

Purpose of use: Most odor proof bags can be used to store a range of fragrant items without letting the smell escape. However, some items are item-specific.

For example, some odor-resistant bags are specifically designed to absorb cigar odors, while others are great for holding herbs and medicines. A product tailored to your needs will yield better, more useful results.

Quality and Safety: Many odor proof bags are made from high quality, durable, weather and water resistant materials such as leather and polyester.
The best odor-resistant bags have an activated charcoal lining to neutralize even the strongest odors.

Many bags advertise an improved protection system of five to eight layers to prevent foul odors inside the bag. Make sure the product you buy has been tested on dogs and 100% tested for odor protection.

Built-in Features: Most premium odor-resistant bags come with built-in features such as strong, waterproof and airtight double zippers, an intuitive built-in combination lock system, sturdy and stylish carry handles and Velcro closure straps.
Storage space: Make sure that the product you buy has enough storage space to store all your essentials efficiently.

To keep your belongings safe, organized and fresh (in terms of food, herbs, spices, tea, and coffee), most odor proof bags have numerous compartments and pockets.

Product Pricing: Deodorant bags come in different prices. Keep your budget in mind when choosing a package.

By choosing the right bag, anti-odor can make traveling with herbs, medicines, food easier and continental.


Odor Resistant Storage Bags are a great choice for users to store and defend against the smell of herbs. They can put it in their pocket or backpack for easy access. Plus, they come in different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Best of all, the storage bag is kid-safe, durable, and waterproof.

Storage bags come in different sizes, so please check the size before ordering. Sometimes bags are more important in reality than the pictures they portray online. Also, make sure to buy herb bags with locks to prevent losing the contents of the bag.

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