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ECO Farm DBL5000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 480W VS Spider Farmer® G4500 430W

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When you decide to buy LED grow lights, you are not only choosing to invest in growing your indoor plants, but you also want to make sure that they are the best LED grow lights available. Grow lights have proven necessary over the years, and ever since LED lights became popular as a technology, more and more indoor garden growers have switched to them!

We have listed some of the best LED grow lights of 2023.

Are full spectrum LED lights good for growing?

Outdoors in nature, plants have evolved over millions of years simply by using nutrients, water and sunlight. When we bring these plants indoors, we take on extra responsibility. Because their environment has changed, they may have a hard time adjusting to your house.

We have many solutions and human tools to help with this problem. You can simulate the external environment of the factory. Mother Nature’s backyard is almost indistinguishable from your living room.

The sun shines on our plants. Sunlight has a wide range of wavelengths, from gamma rays and ultraviolet light all the way to infrared light and low-frequency radio waves. Plants are primarily concerned with the visible part of the spectrum, and UV light is their favourite.

ECO Farm DBL5000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 480W


With 1296 pcs SAMSUNG LM281B diodes, ECO Farm Led grow lights draw 480 watts achieving an impressive PPE of 2.5 umol/J, coverage for 4'x4′ of high-yielding full-cycle growth. with a smaller footprint for better crop quality, more cost-effective. 4x4ft for personal grow, 3x3ft for commercial grow. Built-in removable bars interval & disability enable the exact dynamic PPFD control over each of plant growing stages. Easy dimming & daisy chain max up to 15 lights, IP65 Waterproof, master light easily controlled, making it a high-performance commercial grow light for enormous yields. Also perfectly suit full-cycle hydroponic, soil, grow tent/room growing.

Spider Farmer® G4500 430W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Spider Farmer LED grow light adopts a unique light bar design to provide more even and comprehensive canopy coverage, especially at the edge of the planting area. With 1484 Bridgelux diodes, the G4500 grow light is capable of delivering 430 watts of power to an impressive 2.8umol/J PPE, covering 4×2 feet of plant growth over a full cycle.

Important Features of Best LED Grow Lights


A strong yet versatile light is essential, and what we mean by that, is having a LED grow light that can not only provide enough light for sun loving plants but also have the capability to be turned down for your more delicate greens. A dimmable light allows you to adjust the intensity of the light down or your fragile seedlings and up as the plants grow and require more light.


LED stands for light emitting diode. LED bulbs release a fraction of the heat as regular light bulbs due to the fact that they use less energy, which also makes them much more energy efficient and cost effective in the long run. Less heat being put off by your grow lights mean happier plants.

Kelvin and Watts:

Try to find LED grow lights that range between 5,000–7,000 kelvin. When it comes to determining how much wattage you need, this depends on your square footage of growing space. Generally speaking you want to aim for about 25–40 watts per square foot.

Full Spectrum:

Plants need different wavelengths of light to carry out different cell functions. By providing a full spectrum light you can rest assured knowing that you plants will be able to grow healthy roots, stems, and leaves, and also produce fruit.


LED lighting has many advantages in indoor gardens compared to other types of lighting. They are very effective because they can produce every color a plant needs. If you’ve been thinking about buying the right model for your indoor garden, we hope you’ve learned something from this guide.

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