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What to Look for in the Best LED Lights for Growing that Save Energy

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Learn how to choose the best grow lights for your indoor garden, including the benefits of full-spectrum lighting, and tips for the best lighting arrangements for healthy plant growth.

Indoor plants are growing in popularity due to the recognition of the numerous benefits they provide. Whether you’re growing houseplants, seedlings, or herbs, the right lighting is critical to healthy growth.

In this article, we’ll explore the best LED grow lights, their benefits, and how to choose the best one for your needs. let’s start!

When to Use Growing Lights

There are three main uses for using grow lights, so if you’re on the fence still, these are the things you need to consider when thinking about buying a grow light:

Seed germination
Plant development

Seed germination
Grow lights are particularly useful as Australian climate allows us to grow most crops all year round, the downside of this is that many of those crops need specific conditions to germinate, like long summer days.

Using grow lights to replicate summer light levels can help stubborn plants as peppers germinate much more successfully indoors, before planting them out into the garden.

Plant development
As young plants develop, they need a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day. Most grow lights are advertised as ‘full spectrum’ grow lights, which can be a little confusing, as they are not technically UV bulbs.

What full spectrum means is that your grow light produces light in the visible spectrum, replicating the majority of the sun’s light. Older grow lights used just blue lights, but modern science has proven that plants need a mix of red, blue and white light to develop through all growth stages.

ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 480W Dimmable Quantum Board with Meanwell Driver


The ECO Farm LED grow light adopts the latest high-yield LED technology-Samsung LM301H 3500K diode, with a high energy efficiency of 2.8umol/J. Compared with the old fuzzy LED lights, the output is increased by 30%.

The maximum output of 2.2 grams per watt (power consumption), to achieve maximum quality and quantity, is far superior to traditional HPS growth systems. The 48 0W Veg footprint is 5 x 5 feet, and the Bloom footprint is 4 x 4 feet.

Well-made and sturdy structure: no fan and no noise. High safety performance XLG MEAN WELL driver, generally waterproof

AC Infinity IONBOARD S44 400W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


This full spectrum LED grow light is designed with algorithmically positioned Samsung LM301B diodes to maximize plant yield. Features proprietary drivers for dimming, daisy chaining and interfacing with our smart controllers. Built on a fanless unibody aluminum plate for heat dissipation and longer diode life.

All components are sealed to IP-65 standards for optimum performance even in high temperature and high humidity growth environments. Includes a pair of metal rod hangers and rope hangers. This LED grower is specially designed for growing a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables with interior reflective mylar lined grow tents.

UNIT FARM UF4000 LED Grow Lights


This UNIT FARM grow lgiht has 2.7μmol/j high efficiency,ideal for all growth stages. Sunlike rich spectrum, Composed of OSRAM Diodes. 3000K, 5000K Make Plants Stronger, 660nm the better to stimulate growth. Additional IR help for the amazing Bloom. Offer you 2.5g/W yield max. Uniform light by the arrangement of diodes. Silent fanless design. No fans zero noise. Built-in large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks, essential for heat dissipation while ensuring long lifespan of the light. Removeable driver with extended power cord for better heat dissipation, Less heat generation than the driver which soldered on top, Control your growing space easier. IP65 waterProof layer, Extend the performance time.

What to Look for in the Best LED Lights for Growing that Save Energy

Wavelengths and Spectrums
Before you make a final purchase, make sure that you take a look at the wavelengths and spectrum the LED lights offer. This crucial piece of information helps you determine whether or not these LED grow lights are appropriate for the type of plants you’re looking to help flourish.

Coverage Needs
The other factor to consider is the coverage needs of your specific plans. Consider the PAR output. Is it high enough for all of your plants to continue growing? Do the lights cover the space you need and are they intense enough for healthy plants to continue thriving? Remember that IR and UV wavelengths provide that extra protection and allow for extra growth, so make sure to look out for those as well.

Extra Features
Extra features are super helpful, especially when you’re not always at home to care for your plans. For example, having an automatic on-and-off timer takes the stress away and lets you enjoy nights away from home with more calm. Being able to dim your lights is another great feature that gives you complete control over the intensity of the lights. Although some of these awesome features are something you can go without, they definitely add a lot to your growing experience and are worth considering.


If you are struggling with insufficient lighting in your greenhouse, grow lights are your solution. Appropriate supplementary light can not only enhance photosynthesis, but also accelerate germination and ensure healthy flowering.

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