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Best 4" Inline Duct Fans for 3×3 Grow Tents

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An inline fan is a fan that can be used to ventilate your grow tent to effectively manage your growing environment and reduce odors. Inline fans are placed in-line with the ductwork of your grow tent, and they are used to move air in and out of your environment.

Not sure where to place your ducted fans for best performance? This article will help you figure it out so you can get your ventilation system right the first time — saving you time.

The right size fan can really do wonders for your grow tent. A 3×3 grow tent requires a 4” inline fan.

I recommend that you properly calculate the CFM of your tent before buying a fan, unlike what I did in the first place.

Heed this advice!

I hope you enjoy all the best fans of the 3×3 grow tent I recommend to you. But you only need to get one of them.

Good luck!

ECO Farm 4 Inch In-line Fan Exhaust and Intake Fan for Grow Room-White


While this ECO Farm inline fan might be small, it actually comes packing a punch. It is one of the best inline fans on the market. The unit comes with a high and highly efficient air flow. In addition to this, the unit operates quietly which is perfect . It draws a low amp which makes it perfect for small outlets and inlet connections. As though this is not enough for a feature, the unit also comes with a sealed motor shaft. This works to protect the fan from moisture. The strong casing is nickel plated which protects the unit from corrosion. Courtesy of its small size, the fan is compact and easy to install into any flat surface. Despite its 4” fan size, the unit still provides a whopping 190 CFM of airflow. Very low noise, Less than 37db, with variable speed controller, can easily adjust the fan speed. The fact that it is one of the least expensive units on the list makes it a perfect solution if you are just starting out with a small space.

Hydrofarm Active Air 4" Inline Duct Fan


Hydrofarm is one of the most trusted brands in the growing industry. The active air inline fans are among its in-demand products. Active Air inline fans are well-loved by many because of its proven durability. It is being designed with a ceramic-coated metal housing. This coating increases the lifespan of the components by reducing heat and friction. It also helps to prevent corrosion caused by thermal and acidity. Furthermore, the ceramic layer also gives your device a nice sleek-look. This inline fan is being equipped with a premium molded impeller. Its high-quality construction makes it possible to deliver excellent performance. Moreover, this fan also produces low-noise output. It is a big advantage especially for those who wish to keep their grow spaces discreet and low-key.

Apollo Horticulture 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan


The Apollo Horticulture inline fan is made to be of high quality and is easily the best inline fan. However, despite their high qualities and features, they also are designed to be budget friendly. The unit is made of steel. This makes it strong and durable. In addition to this, the fan casing and parts are all covered in powder paint to protect it from humidity and keep it from rusting. Needless to say, these were designed to last. However, the brand does not offer a lot of options as other fans on the list with regards to fan size. It is also important to note that the inline vent fan comes with a built-in speed controller. Additionally, it comes with a noise rating of 69dB.Last but not least, to make the inline fan easy to install, it features a mounting bracket as well as an instructional pamphlet.

Where to Install Inline Fans for Best Performance

The location of the duct fan depends on the space given and what the fan will be used for. For example, if you want to install it in your house to help with ventilation, then we recommend placing it in the attic. This is because warm air rises, so more hot air collects in the attic than any other room in most homes. By installing ducted fans in your attic, you can expel hot air and increase the efficiency of your ventilation system.

If you are installing in a grow tent then we recommend that you place the inline ducted fan near the top of the grow tent. This will help cool the tent and promote optimal airflow.

However, sometimes this is not possible. For example, you have a small grow tent where you can only grow a few plants without adding any extra equipment. When you factor in grow lights and carbon filters and how tall your plants will end up growing, there may not be enough room for a fan either.

You might lose some performance if you mount the fan outside the tent, but you’ll be able to preserve all that valuable growing space for your plants and lights.

Make sure the duct fan is the right size for the space

Smaller fans will have to work harder, so won’t work as well in larger spaces. It’s better to buy a bigger fan and use less power than to use a small fan and max it out — you’ll save energy, and the silent motor will thank you.

Inspect duct fans regularly and clean as needed

When a fan gets dirty, it works less efficiently and may eventually fail. To clean the fan, simply unplug it and remove any debris that may have collected in the blades or housing. If you live in a dusty area, we recommend checking and cleaning your fans every few months. We recommend replacing any carbon filters you use every few months to keep your system clean.

Consider installing a variable speed controller

This will allow you to adjust the speed of the fans as needed, saving money on electricity bills.

Keep your specific situation in mind and choose the method that works best for you. The goal is to achieve maximum performance while avoiding fan interference. Sometimes you have to settle for one thing and not another.

How to Install a Duct Fan

The best thing you can do when first learning how to install a ducted fan in your grow tent is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. While instructions may vary based on your specific product, general instructions on how to hang an exhaust fan in a grow tent

Connect Air Ducts to Grow Tent — Your grow tent should have room to attach air ducts. Place a pipe where indicated, usually this is a hole in the top corner of the tent.

Attach the bracket to the fan — your fan may come with mounting equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the fan to the mounting hardware.

Attach the fans to the tent mounting poles — Many grow tents also have pre-installed equipment near the vents. Use it to connect your fan.

Securing the Fan — Once the fan is attached to the tent, use zip ties to ensure it is secure. This will provide more stability to the fan.

Connect the tubing to the fan — Once the fan is in place, you can connect the tubing to the fan. Test that the fan is working properly and directing air outside or to an appropriate indoor location.


Growing plants inside a grow tent requires adequate air circulation to prevent mold and mildew. You also need to ensure the optimum temperature and humidity inside your grow tent. An oscillating fan is the easiest solution to handle this situation.

But not all oscillating fans perform well enough. Fans for small grow tents should be energy efficient, quiet and provide adequate airflow. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular fans to help you find the best oscillating fan for your grow tent. With variable speed settings, easy mounting options, and low noise, these fans will do an excellent job inside your grow tent.

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